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This site is dedicated to Mopars. You know those cars that the chevy guys wish they had. There is a menu on the left side of the screen.
First is "pics of my cars". Here you will find pictures and descriptions of my personal vehicles. That beutiful piece of 1967 Detroit iron is my baby. It is a '67 Chrysler Newport 2 door hard top. For those of you who don't know what makes it a hard top I'll explain. If you look at the picture of the car on the right side of the screen you'll see that it has no pillar between the front and rear windows. that makes it a h/t. When you roll down both windows it makes one big window opening. If it had a pillar between the windows it would be a sedan. If you roll down both windows in a sedan you will still have the pillar between the two window openings.
Second is "Other stuff" Here is where I put other stuff. Like, pics of friend's cars. swap meet and car show info and pics. and all that good stuff.
Third is "Links". Make sure to check out the links. You just might find that part that you are looking for or just get a laugh. But you'll never know unless you check out the links.
Fourth is "contact me". If you want to make a comment, ask a question, or if you have some good C body parts or info click on contact me.
Lastly. below is some info about me, my car, my club and misc Mopar stuff.
Well, thats about it. Thanks for taking your time to look at my website. I'm gonna update when I get more, info, etc. So, come back and check it out later.

My Club

Cape Fear Mopars- I am a member of Cape Fear Mopars. We are located in the Fayetteville, NC area. We aren't a very big club...yet. But we have alot of fun.
We represent a pretty wide range of Mopars too. We have Muscle cars, trucks, land yachts (like mine), old, new and in various stages of completion.
I have a link to the club website over on the "links" page. Make sure you check it out. If you want to join or just want some info on the club click on the link. Or email me and I'll pass your email on to the club.
Mopar stuff
I like making fun of gms and fords. Here are a few good ones.
Found On Road Dead, Failed On Race Day..
If you know any good gm or chevy jokes please email them to me. if they are funny and somewhat clean I WILL post them.
Mopar engines (bb)
*B Engine- 361, 383, 400
*RB Engine- 413, 426w (not hemi), 440
Mopar engines (sb)
*A Engine- 273, 318, 340, 360
Hemi engines
*1951- 331 "fire power"
*1956- 356 "fire power"
*1957- 392 "fire power"
*1964 (1966 for street cars)- 426 "hemi" (modified rb)

Mopar body types (rwd)

*A Body-1960-1976
Plymouth: Valiant (all), Barracuda ('64-'69), Duster ('70-'76), Scamp ('71-'76)
Dodge: Lancer ('61-'62), Dart ('63-'76), Demon ('71-'72), Dart Sport ('73-'76)
*B Body-1962-1979.
Plymouth: Savoy ('62-'64), Belvedere ('62-'70), Satellite ('65-'74), GTX ('67-'74), Road Runner ('68-'75), Fury ('62-'64)
Dodge: Dart ('62), Polara ('62-'64), 330 ('63-'64), 440 ('63-'64), Coronet ('65-'76), Charger ('66-'78),
Super Bee ('69-'71), Monaco ('77-'78), Magnum ('78-'79)
Chrysler: Cordoba ('75-'79), 300 ('79)

*C Body-1965-1977.
Plymouth: Fury ('65-'77)
Dodge: Custom 880 ('65), Polara ('65-'73), Monaco ('65-'76)
Chrysler: 300 ('65-'71), Newport, New Yorker
*E body-1970-1974.
Plymouth: Barracuda
Dodge: Challenger
NOTE: the info above is not complete. it was emailed to me by a buddy of mine. not all models and years are represented above.

My 67 Newporrt
2 door hard top, 383, auto

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